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22/12/2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Phone: 8401002194
The Institution of Engineers (India)
Address: Mahida Bhavan, Opp. S.V.N.I.T, Ichchanath, Surat

Whether it is astronomy, math, medicine, philosophy or sciences, ancient Indians made great progress in these fields, attributing advances in these works to ancient Rishis. In present-day narratives, we see a continuance of colonial narratives that positions India as a sink for knowledge that arose in ancient Greece and Babylonia, disregarding Indic sources and citations, labeling them as “unreliable”.

In recent times, several researchers such as Prof. Ghevarghese, Prof. C.K. Raju, Prof. Subhash Kak among others are critiquing the dominant narrative and presenting evidence that challenges such assertions.

In this talk, the speaker will introduce instances of scientific knowledge in each of these areas, and will illustrate ancient ecosystems that required the nurturing of such knowledge in ancient India.

Using multidisciplinary tools and published scientific works, the speaker will show the origin of several key scientific ideas in ancient India, wrongly attributed to ancient Greece and Babylonia.

The speaker will highlight several ancient pathways by which Indic knowledge systems traversed the ancient and recent world, seeding and enriching the corpus of scientific works.