Joining Hands with the Surat Chapter of Computer Society of India

Dear Sir,

On behalf of C.S.I., Surat Chapter, I will like to take the opportunity to invite your institution to associate with the Surat Chapter of Computer Society of India (CSI).Computer Society of India is one of the most renowned institutes of our country. In line with the vision and mission of the CSI, the Surat chapter this year planned to start various activities with Educational Institutions, as listed below with a major focus on bridging the gap of Education & Industry by following activities:

  • Technology Talks:CSI Surat chapter will be having monthly talks on various technologies by the experts of that particular technology at different colleges/venues which will also be streamed live and archived online for later utilization/references.
  • Industry Showcase:This is a monthly event whereat a different I.T. firms will talk about
    the following points:

    • Brief Introduction about themselves
    • L atest cutting-edge technologies they work with.
    • Projects they work on
    • Job opportunities in they provide
    • Apprenticeship they offer
  • Skills Portal and CertificationAll the students whose details will be given by the academic institutions will get access to the knowledge base on the skills portal to learn the examination material and quarterly the students can register to appear for various Online Certification Tests for various skills like programming, administration,management, etc. in the field of I.T.
  • Best Academic Project Competition:This is going to be once a year event where all the Educational institutions will be required to send in their best two academic projects related to Information Technology. Project Definitions and Guidance:We plan to provide a platform where the industry will be able to provide the project definitions and problems statements that industry is facing on which the academia can work on. The industry will also be providing the directions at various stages of the projects.
  • Job Fair and Portal:A portal is to be created where all the students of the region who have registered can apply for various jobs/apprenticeship published by various firms. Industry Academia Forum:A forum is to be instituted which will have representation of all the major industrial units and the academia, which will periodically meet to identify the discrepancy between the industry expectations and academic deliveries and try to figure out ways to reduce the gap.

In the above regards, we request you to mail me ( ) your kind consent along with following information so that we can forward all our announcements and communications to Coordinator:

  • Name of the Coordinator with CSI
  • Designation
  • Email address
  • Contact number of the Coordinator

Also provide your details too:

  • Name of the Director
  • Email address
  • Contact number

Once we receive your consent and the above details subsequently from the Coordinator we will like to receive the following details in a CSV/XLS format, of Students / Chapter member from above subject discipline so that they can get all the benefits of the portal like the knowledge bank for various skills certifications, job opportunity  notifications, etc from CSI chapter portal.

  • Name of the Student
  • Course & Year
  • Contact number
  • E mail address

We will also request you to email us the Name, Designation, Email address and phone number of the Training and Placement Officer (TPO) of your organisation so that the training and placement activity for your organisation can be coordinated by CSI Surat Chapter on your behalf.

We are sure that we will receive your warm welcoming hands in support of these activities in overall interest of Students, institution, CSI, Surat Chapter to achieve the goals of collective growth and put the South Gujarat Region on the Information Technology Map of the world. Once we receive your approval, we will try to meet you in person with prior appointment to exchange & interaction of views.

In case if you have any query or suggestions, please E mail / Call back to me:

  • Mr. Tejesh Patel
  • E mail:
  • Cell: +91 987 950 5557

Looking forward for your earliest consent of joining the hands with us along with details of coordinator to begin with.

Let us together: Reform – Perform & Transform.
Best Regards,

Tejesh Patel
Chairman, CSI-Surat Chapter.