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20/09/2020 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Virtual Event
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Patenting of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs) in India by ANISH GANDHI

Computer Related Inventions (CRIs) comprises inventions which involve the use of computers, computer networks or other programmable apparatus and include such inventions having one or more features of which are realized wholly or partially by means of a computer programme or programmes. In India, as per section 3 (k) of The Patents (Amendment) Act, 2002 “a mathematical or business method or a computer programme per se or algorithms” are explicitly excluded from patentability. Major patent offices across the world are confronted with the issue of patentability of CRIs. They have developed examination guidelines/ manuals for examination of patent applications from these areas of technology so as to achieve uniform examination practices. Creators of knowledge in the domain of CRIs have consistently endeavored for appropriate protection of their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). With an objective of providing clarity to various stakeholder in terms of exclusions expected under section 3(k).

Following topics will be covered in an expert talk.

1. Introduction: Information Technology (IT) and Computer Related Inventions (CRIs)
2. Legal provisions relating to CRIs
3. Various terms and definitions relating to CRIs
4. Patentability criteria
5. Exclusions under Section 3(k)
6. Case studies and claims related to CRIs
7. Other available forms for protection of CRIs